The Lighter Side of Progeria

Hello Diarrhea kid! As I am obsessed with all things elder, I can't help but be fascinated with the serious medical condition, Progeria, aka Hutchinson Gilford Progeria Syndrome, also known as HGPS (by those in the know.) This "accelerated aging disease" or what I like to call "Old Baby Syndrome." is really sweeping the nation. Old Baby Syndrome is a genetic disorder causing children to experience growth failure during the first year of life as well as to exhibit narrow, wizened (shrunken or wrinkled) bird-like faces, baldness, loss of eyebrows/eyelashes and tiny statures, making them look like 'little elders' by the time they are around 5. There are only 45 known cases of Progeria in the whole world. (Quality over quantity!)

But don't get used to these "little tykes" for long as something close to a cure will be unleashed later this year (December '07). For now, relish in the adorbz photos below and watch the rockstar music video featuring Progeria Princess, Hayley Okines (www.hayleyspage.com).

Say hello to some of the Progeria Kids!

The Best Sitcom Never Made

"Three of these things is not like the others"

Progeria Misfit says "Guess my gender and win a prize.."

Last but not least, as promised, a music video to rock out to, featuring Progeria Hero, Hayley Okines (click the link and scroll to 2:40 seconds to see the fun getting started; and rewind to 1:26 to see her yell "WAIT!" at her brother) who is posed here with Simon Cowell (of all sympathetic characters...)

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Clay Aiken versus Hayley Okines - PayPerView 2008