I feel like I was born in the wrong time of history, or on the wrong planet.

How do I live on a planet where we kill each other ? (Ferguson / Israel+Palestine/ every country throughout history?) Will humans ever learn that there is always a compromise or solution to our conflicts with one another?!

How do I live on a planet where we violently kill animals for food and clothing when there is an alternative?

How do I live on a planet where people work the majority of their lives at jobs they don't like for people who they don't like?

Shouldn't we all be outside looking at the trees and stars and into one anothers' eyes feeling happy to be alive for this short moment of time?

I feel like a butterfly coming out a coccoon, finally realizing what my purpose on this planet is. More news coming soon (but don't hold your breath - do whatever you can to make this planet better on your own! There is always something you can do!!! You are not helpless!)