If you didn't have to think about money, what would you do?

Question: Do you like your job? 
Would you do it if you didn't have to think about money?
Really, think about it.

People say "Do what you love" for money.

Sounds great! 
Let's say I enjoy taking walks and spending time with my family, friends, and animals. 
Is there a way to make that into a 'job?' 

Not really (unless I try to make a reality show about it and sell it to a television station/website.) 

Let's say I really love spending time sleeping and stalking boys from highschool on Facebook. 

Is there a way to make that into a job? - not really, unless I participate in a sleep study or parlay my Facebook stalking into a detective company that can help other people stalk their highschool crushes.

Bare with me as I try to articulate what I believe to be the root/solution of all societal woes:
Simple facts about our society and what we are taught to accept as "Normal"

The more money you have, the more access you have to goods, services, and experiences.

We are taught that making money is the top goal in society.

We are taught that our worth is based on how much money we have.

We are extracting resources from people and the planet and then selling them to other people.

The way people get money is by withholding their talents or resources unless they are given money for them. 

Since money equals access to things, the way people get ahead is not through sharing, but from holding onto as much money as possible.

Since everyone wants as much money as possible, there is no point for bosses to pay any more than minimum wage, since they want to keep that money (to have as much access to goods and services as possible)

Since everyone wants as much money as possible, people will do whatever they have to in order to make as much money as possible (even if it hurts others or the planet)

Simple problems with our society and relationship with money

All problems our people and planet is facing have the same root source - we are taught to value money (and making as much of it as possible, no matter how it effects others) above all else.

From poaching, to sweatshop labor, to fossil fuel CEOs who deny climate change - it's not that anyone is born 'bad' - it's that they are all looking to make money. 

Why shouldn't they? Everywhere we look, people who have the most money are looked at with envy and awe. But of course they are! 

Money is access - and the more money, the more access you have to things. 

You can be the best kindest person in the world but if your kindness doesn't have a 'profit' (ie. you don't charge someone money for your actions), you will have less access to things and services in life. 

You can be the funniest, most generous person in the world, but if you need a blood transfusion, it is the person with money who will be able to afford the best hospitals, not the kindest.

Similarly, you can be the cruelest ugliest person, but when you have a lot of money (regardless of how you made it), you have more access to everything than a kind, "attractive" person. (Though being attractive does help you make more money...)

Let's say I really want a new pair of shoes. In order for me to buy them, I need to have money. How do I get money? Find a job. The concept of a job means I have to have something to offer that I will do in exchange for money. 

Most likely, I will find a job working in an office, restaurant, shop, or other company.  I will most likely try to take a job that pays the most money - and conversely, my boss will try to hire me for the least money (while still doing a good quality of work)

Let's say I take a job in an office. My worth at the office is me exchanging my time for money - by being cheerful and especially since I am a woman, pleasant to look at -

And at my core, my "worth" is how much money I can make back for my boss. 
I can be the nicest person but if I have a coworker who is not nice but somehow manages to make my boss or his/her company more money, they will be rewarded over me with a raise/better office/more money aka access to shoes (and everything else).

Because money is deemed the most important way to have access to things (regardless if you are a good person), there is more incentive for people to make a profit than for people to do the "right" thing.

This is exactly why companies try to pay their workers as little as possible; this is why some doctors don't want other doctors to offer natural cures to things (since it cuts their access to money); this is why poor people in other countries pursue illegal poaching (since they will make money); this is why it is likely you or I are spending our lives doing things we don't enjoy that much. This is why companies are spewing out pollution and destroying our planet -- there are better ways to do things but they do not yield as much money.

This can be seen in the battle between fossil fuel companies and renewable energy companies. Fossil fuel companies spend millions of dollars to make it very difficult for renewable energy companies to be the main form of energy supply. Why? It's because renewable energy companies would take away profits - and profits means access to things.

This can be seen with prisons. People in prison are forced to do lots of jobs for very cheaply. You can hire a prisoner to work for 24 cents an hour. That's why even benevolent-seeming companies like WholeFoods use prisoners. It's so the people who run WholeFoods can have as much money as possible. This is why it pays to keep people in prison - because even though it costs money to house and clothe them, the work they can do is profitable to other people - who want as much access to goods and services as possible.

This mindset is why your boss makes a lot more money than you. Sure they could pay you more.
But why would they? If they paid you more, they would have less money - and then less access to things. Why would they want to do have less access to things?

Of course there are things like religion, but like mentioned earlier, even if you are a "good person", if you do not have money, you do not have access to things.
If Mother Theresa needed to get a heart transplant but had no money
but conspiracy-theorist wet dream/nightmare David Rockefeller had to get his 6th transplant, who would be given it first?
The person with the most money. Because that's the system we're in!

On another level, this is why even if you are blessed to "do what you love" (ie. write a television show/make music/something "creative"), you are urged to do it AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE, to make as much money for you or the television network or record label, even if it means after your 6th episode or album, you stop enjoying your art. 

Everyone, from factory worker to millionaire musicians are slaves to the system of capitalism.




I do not have the answer 

but I think the first step is to:

I learned about Jacque Fresco and his concept of the Resource Based economy, which says that we should get rid of as many jobs as possible (through technological automation) and only take actions that help the planet and all of it's people.

Is there a way to actually do this? I'm trying to figure it out and will let you know!

2019 UPDATE:
It has been 3 years since I first posed this question and my deep instinct is this:

The monetary system is intentionally illogical and backwards so it serves a small handful of people. Our economic system is taught as natural; as if it is following the laws of nature (Survival of the Fittest) but it is completely manipulated and in fact it is Crony Capitalism/not a true capitalist system.

Crony Capitalism is defined as:
An economy that is nominally free-market, but allows for preferential regulation and other favorable government intervention based on personal relationships. In such a system, the false appearance of "pure" capitalism is publicly maintained to preserve the exclusive influence of well-connected individuals.

An economy that is nominally free-market, but allows for preferential regulation and other favorable government intervention based on personal relationships. In such a system, the false appearance of "pure" capitalism is publicly maintained to preserve the exclusive influence of well-connected individuals.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/crony-capitalism.html

In other words, it benefits a small handful ofinstitutions who represent the people who have the most money - that is, the Federal Reserve/IMF Bank/"and more!"

Money is a way to control people and people are brainwashed from birth to accept this system.

As I posed 3 years ago, The Venus Project seems to give a viable alternative to currency.

But the thing is, most people who are lawmakers/government are not looking to an alternative to the monetary system since they are the beneficiaries of the inept system we have in place.

Why do we have a 5 day workweek when most employees report spending most of their time on the internet?

It is a way to keep people occupied most of their lives. 

By the time Saturday happens, they are busy being good consumers and drinking/eating foods that make them even more sluggish. Sunday is cleaning day and then it's dreaded Sunday night when they know they have to do it all over again, not stopping to wonder why it is all set up this way.

It is set up this way so you never have time to question the hierachies of power and the spiritual warfare going on involving the Law of Attraction and other forms of magic which keeps 1% of the population in domination of the other 99% with only a wimper of protest.

Humanity's greatest fear is being alienated and isolated from the group. We are taught to follow authority blindly so as to avoid social alienation. We are taught that memorization equates intelligence, as seen in the formatting of our education system, which judges a student on his test-taking abilities (memorization) over novelty or imagination.

"I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers." - John D. Rockefeller
(PS This lovely oil billionaire was behind our current education system! Surprise!)
Bless his heart and whatever trauma he received as a young child to turn his heart into ice.
I hope he is at peace now.

It's beginning to all make sense now , why creative children who do not want to blindly follow orders or sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day are labeled as ADD/Defiant Disorder and medicated until they are too zombie-fied to dissent.
It doesn't help that GMO foods turn off humanity's microbiome so they are no longer in touch with their gut instincts and our water supply is flouridated which further shuts off our access to the Divine through our pineal gland (which is calcified from flouride). The pineal gland is considered "the seat of the soul".

Do you think this is any accident that flouride is added to the water? It is so humans lose their psychic abilities which would probably help them overthrow the current system in place.
If it was just about avoiding tooth decay, why would junk food be so inexpensive? Why wouldn't we add other vitamins and minerals to the water such as Vitamin C to prevent colds?
If vaccinations were just about keeping people healthy, why wouldn't organic foods be subsidized the way vaccines are?

It will take the will of the masses to request a fairer alternative to this current system. But as long as they are kept numbed and distracted by fear (CNN might as well be called Constant Negative News Network), lust, greed, division, illness and other forms of overstimulation, they will accept the Status Quo.

I trust that the 1% is doing the best it knows how just as the 99% is doing the same. Everyone just wants to be loved and comfortable, kings and paupers. It's just a shame that it is all so glaringly obvious what is happening though I know I am getting closer to figuring out solutions that will benefit everyone.

Oh, if only I could just think about easy things like the newest Marvel movie in theater or Bagel Bites  - but this is the burden and blessing of being an Indigo Child...

May All Beings Be Released from Harm.
Have a nice day (at work!?)