F(ART FORUM): Going to an art high school in NYC like I did sounds FuNkY and FrEe on the surface but it honestly made me hate doing art work or risking to put my art out there for fear of scrutiny or judgement UP UNTIL NOW. It was definitely not an encouraging place at all unless you were a quiet Romanian exchange student trained in photorealism and could do things “perfectly” and didn’t open your mouth. Art school made me judge my creativiy and compare it to other students and fear I wasn’t “doing it right” or ARTSY enough because I didn’t dress in mismatched socks or shave my head. After wallowing in self hatred, I rebelled by shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch and wearing a sweater tied around my shoulders as I muttered “Take that, you sea of identical non-conformists!” while eating Snackwell cookies and whatever garbage was considered healthy then. I have finally unlearned all of the misbeliefs that parasitized my brain up until now and I am so thankful. It is so ironic how our media both celebrates “rebels” and people who think differently yet does absolutely nothing to encourage them on their path. I personally think mandatory school should be abolished now that we have the internet. It is 12-16 years of teaching conformity and instilling fear of failure and blind respect for authority. I encourage everyone to create whatever it is you want to create. It’s your time now. Bless us all on our paths of unlearning! x