A Message From Your Body

Your body is your friend. 
My body is my friend

If you listen to it, and love it, it will take care of you. 

This sounds obvious but it is only this week I have realized even now, I still have been using food to numb my energy-levels and sensitivity.

Anytime I see anything upsetting - such as someone on the street being mean to their child or a bored bird sitting in a cramped cage as I walk past a stranger's windowsill, I have the urge to numb my sadness, and since I do not drink or take any drugs - and have been avoiding social media, that numbing comes in the form of food.

It was only this week did I receive a download from my subconscious that it is OK to feel all my feelings - that I am not too much - (and neither are you) and that the goal of food/ingesting anything is to have more energy, not less - and that if I listened to my body, I would hear it tell me what it needs. 

I experimented with this today by eating silently and in the present, with my feet in the Earth and as soon as I felt a little ping of a message from my stomach to "stop eating" I put my food back in the refrigerator.

Do you know what this ping of a stomach message feels like? Try to look for it today :)

I thanked my stomach for letting me know when it was time to stop, as if it was a gentle bartender yelling last call for the good of the patrons.

If I feel sad, it is better to feel it deeply and take action - even if that is smiling and whistling to the lonely bird in the window, or dancing out the sadness when I get home. I hope you enjoy this fun drawing I made and have a nice day of listening inward.