Almost everything I've ever been taught by school or television is actually a lie, or so it seems. I am so thankful to be on the path I am on, discovering the real Truth of the way things are. I know that might sound cryptic but basically I have a completely new way of seeing things that has already proven me right! So much of this realization came from weaning off of all antidepressants and avoiding Flouride, which weakened my Intuition (ps Prozac contains Flouride). If there is one thing you can do today to get more in touch with your Intuition/"gut" feelings, it is avoid all toothpaste and tap water containing flouride (and GMOs, which harm your gut, but that's for another time!) Avoiding Flouride is a challenge as it is added to all our American water supplies but you can buy filters from Aquasana and Berkey! Why is the government so concerned with our teeth quality? Thanks, guys! Why not add Xanax and Exlax while you're at it? Why not?!


Here is a video that feels similarly to how I now feel.
For the opposite view seen on TV, look here at this "Pro" flouride video
I am so thankful to be (almost) Flouride-Free (I do love going to coffee shops which likely use tap water, from time-to-time!) - avoiding Flouride has helped me make better decisions and trust my brain more than ever! I encourage you to look into this topic and make your own decision knowing what is right for me might not be right for you and that is OK!
(Love, Carlen)