Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and Amazon are "Free" services on the surface, but at their root, they are deriving a lot from us as well. At their root, they exist to spy on us, addict us (to staying on them), shape our points of view and encourage us to buy more than we need.

This is not conspiracy but fact.

As I write this blog, I am using Blogger, which was bought by Google.

Blogger is "free" as is using "Google" but clearly these services are not free as we are paying with our privacy, time, attention, and a lot more.

I am very grateful to these services but I just wish they were more transparent with their intentions.


Did you know that Facebook was initially created by the government? It was called Lifelog and created by a part of our government called DARPA, which sounds like a fun name for a pet kitten (read HERE). I understand and respect our government's intention of staying safe/keeping humans by using surveillance on people without their knowledge, but I think there can be a better way.

It is very obvious to my intuition that programs like Siri/Amazon Echo are to further the surveillance on people. This is fine if people are made aware of this and still continue to buy - but to act as if it is solely an invention benevolently made for human convenience - or that Facebook is solely a program for connecting with friends based on shared interests - rather than explicitly stating the intentions of a Surveillance Society, is the dishonesty that feels like it needs to be exposed (and luckily, there are many people exposing this now which I am so grateful for!)

I think many people like myself are waking up to the fact that the institutions/services we have trusted since birth might not have the best intentions for us, since they are living in a fear/trauma based reality (more on that concept soon)

 Karma works in incredible ways however as these programs which were meant to further control humanity have been used to expose and show just how much corruption has been going on!

The Light always Wins!

I will always be grateful for the "free" things in the realm of technology - especially Facebook and Youtube (as I have learned so much and realized there are people out there who think similarly to the way I do)

Some of these people, who think similarly as I do, and articulate it publically in a digestible way are Tiffany Fitzhenry and An0maly along with many others.


For now, I am grateful to see all of this in a positive light - it is a lesson that if you want something, it is better to pay for it as there is "no free lunch"

This mindset can be applied to every pursuit - whether it's wanting to be famous in your field of work, you must work and "pay" with your time and effort to accomplish this task , rather than wishing it was handed to you, since there is truly nothing that is free.
This is not a bad thing - it makes you appreciate what you have so much more when you have to put some kind of effort into receiving it. Considering 30-40% of the food in the USA is thrown away EVERYDAY, I think a wonderful step would be for all citizens to have to take a farming and gardening class and be responsible for growing their own food, so they never take it for granted again.

In nature, there is absolute abundance. Look at a tree with all of it's fruit and flowers. It is not a poverty-planet we are on.But as with all things, there needs to be love and effort to get seeds to germinate. You can have all you need by respecting the plant and the water, and yourself (while being patient with the process)

This equation can be applied to germinating your dreams and getting them to grow.
Nothing is free. Everything requires effort - but it is better than expecting someone to hand it to us.

Some of the hardest working people I have seen are homeless people.
Many of them are constantly working (way more than 9am-5pm) to cope with mental afflictions and/or drug addictions and staying safe on the street.
There is no free lunch!

Similarly, this awareness can be applied to paying a little bit extra for quality over quality.

Junk food leads to health issues later on.
It is $2 -$15 more to buy organic groceries but worth it in terms of higher nutrients.

It is $5 a month to use ProtonMail (which doesn't harvest your data/spy on you) instead of Gmail.

It is worth the little bit extra to feed the good guys on our planet with our money and be aware of / accept the upfront costs rather than longterm consequences.

As in all advice/activism, I must start with myself and make these changes. I will figure out a blog replacement soon.

All life deserves respect - from the lettuce thrown away, to our human lives.

Our time is our currency and it is completely up to us how to use it.
When we express our talents and gifts, we will never feel like we are wasting time.

It is when we are looking for validation (which social media's system of "Likes" encourages), we are not sharing our gifts the way they have been intended for us by the Creator.

We can start with ourselves rather than waiting for the government/God/authority to save us.  
We are victors; not victims to circumstance.

(Love, Carlen)