I make filmsjewelrycomedy, write, but most importantly, I am on a healing and awakening journey. 

I have spent my life trying to figure out why the planet is the way it is (why are there wars? why is there pollution? are humans inherently good or evil?) and this curiousity has led me down some interesting paths. 

Somewhat like my dad, comedian Bob Altman (Uncle Dirty), I naively thought the best use of my time on this planet was to be "famous" so I could have a platform to awaken people to become more conscientious of our planet/environmental destruction, but after a very necessary Spiritual Awakening of my own, I have shifted my mindset and am currently saving myself rather than focusing on the planet, as I believe the 2 are deeply connected and global healing can only start with myself (DOES THAT SOUND CHEESY? I DON'T CARE! BWAHAHA!). 

I am currently enrolled in The University of Santa Monica where I am studying Spiritual Psychology as I believe this is the most important use of my time on this planet right now. 

I have learned so much from every experience I have taken on - from filmmaking to standup comedy to copywriting to jewelry design and manufacture to intellectual property to detoxifying my body from antidepressants and heavy metals to environmental and spiritual consciousness. 

My intention is to make things that combine humor, media and activism in a real way.

If you feel drawn to the work I am doing and feel that my talents might be an asset to you, your company, or your organization (or cult? Just kidding...), please contact me.

My best contact right now is:

Or (!) find me on the interweb...